Hello guys,

I've using Acrobat Reader 9.3.2 and I want to insert an image to the PDF file. As I searched through the web. I dont have the tools for inserting images in my acrobat or maybe I just can't see it.

They said, to insert an image "Go to Edit or Insert Tab, in the Graphics group, click Image. then open a file" But I dont have that Graphics group in my Edit tab.

Also the "Touchup Object Tool" I can't find that one in my acrobat reader.

FYI Im using Acrobat reader 9.3.2. Do you think I need to update my acrobat reader. or my version of that is not supported to insert images.

Please help me guys!

Thank you,
Jovy (jovybaylon15@yahoo.com.ph)

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To insert images into PDF files:
On the Insert and Edit tab, in the Graphics group, click Image .
Select the image and click Open.
Click the image and then resize and move it to the correct position on the page.


But I dont have an Graphics in my edit Tab. Please read my message above. Could you teach me how to go to the graphics group??


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