I have a 2gb mp3 player but when its copied approx 120 songs it comes up saying cannot copy directory or file cannot be created. Can any body help please.

Out of space?

yeah may be. But i think for 2GB you can squeeze in more than 120 songs, and the error message which pops up says out the file or directory cannot be copied. If the space was full it would say No space, or available memory.. something like that doesn't it?

It depends on the size of the songs you're copying onto the disk and their compression...lots of variables.

And who knows about what kind of software the thing is using and what type of cryptic error messages it would send.

Just a guess as to what the problem might be.

You might have tried to add a format that your MP3 player cannot use. Double check with the files you are sync'ing What file format can your player use? MP3 only.

Really the only other thing I could think of is that there was another device that popped in there and stopped the transfer. If everthing is compatible, might want to shut off the startup files running in the background.

RueB 2s De.

Suspect that you may have done the same as me and copied the MP3s to your root directory rather than a music folder.
When I made a new folder and moved my music to it and went to delete the remaining 0kb music files I lost the music folder completely.
Synch'ing to windows media player says the disc is full but entering music mode says "no files present!" Explorer shows no files (hidden or otherwise)
All assistance gratefully received

i had a similar problem... Just try making a folder inside the mp3 dont just drag and drop the songs this worked on my player