I've had my mp3 player since christmas, and it all started to go wrong a few months ago.

My mp3 is an mpman MP-FOL7 and it has 1GB memory.

The problem is, the sound has suddenly gone really really bad. The vocals of each song have completely dissapeared, and the backing music is distant, really quiet and scratchy!! :sad:

I tried using different headphones, same thing, so presummably it's not the earset. I tried taking all songs off and re loading some on to test, still had the same problem.

Is my mp3 player gone for good?! Does it have a virus or is there something I can do to fix it? :eek:

Please please please help a.s.a.p! I't sreally apprechiated xxx

have you tried formating it? and i don't think it's possible for mp3 players to get viruses. if you you format it and doens't work, take it back to the store if you still have the warranty, if not, get an ipod.

equiliser settings?

i don't think it's possible for mp3 players to get viruses

Actually, I think I've read stuff about iPods having viruses...but thats beside the point.

What i think the problem here is a defective part inside the mp3 player.

I'd have it sent back...

:'( i need help with my mp3 too i also brought my 4 xmas and it work fine after a few months i was listening to it and all the song files got deleted i tried to put the songs back in and i can't put more than 4 songs, in an mp3 that used to hold like 100 !!!!!!!! :@ it says that the unit drive is full and another cd as to be inserted or some thing live that i don't really get computers things :D HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

maybe the filesystem is corrupted. please tell us the make and model of the mp3 player