Iv'e used bearshare for a while now, and recently its been coming up when i restart my comp "bearshare is corrupt". I need to re-install it, and it works fine until i turn my comp off again. if i pause downloads and turn the comp off, they're still there when i re-install it next time.

Even when i get new copies (i keep the same verion 5.2.5) it still says this

any ideas?

Hi Jammy

Does it come up with a installation window with Next and Cancel tabs on the bottom to go ahead for installing a newer version?

I get it everytime I start my PC. Simply cancel it and continue using the application. But Bearshare being corrupted does not ring a bell for me. Not sure though cos i never read the whole text on the window before cancelling it.

But i d say as long as it is working u dont need to worry about it.

Hope that was helpful!


yeah thats exactly what it comes up with, but then it keeps coming up when i try and run the application again

Dont worry about it jammy.

This is just due to the fact that you have version 5.2.5 and there is a newer version out the damned version 6.0.

This is just like windows update prompt telling you to install the new version. as long as you cancel it everyday when is pops up you should be fine. all your downloads would resume where you left off when the pc was shut down.

But if you do press next then it starts to install new version which is crap. In my case i dont have my downloads and temp folder on c drive. so if even by mistake i press next on the pop up window the download settings are set up to be default from c drive. then all the downloads that were goin on previously would get lost and you would have to start again.

I havent found any way out of it yet but clickin cancel doe it for me for now. if i find any permanent solution for it i ll post it here.