I have recently purchased the 'Transcend JF V30/2GB PEN DRIVE'. When I try to eject the device by clicking on the 'Safly Remove Hardware' icon in the system tray and click on stop and it says "Device 'generic volume' cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later". This message keeps coming up and i'm scared to remove the iriver unless the computer is off. Is there any way of stopping the generic volume so i can remove the device? I am using windows XP if it's relivant.

Please help,

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I once had a computer that gave me such a problem it would only allow me to eject the flash drive after i closed all running programs. Maybe you should try that.

it means there is a virus in ur computer..
try to remove it with gud antivirus...
or u have the option of system restore...

no it doesnt

vista or xp?

If you have anything running off the disk or have any my computer windows open, which are showing directiories on the disk, it will be unable to eject

it will also be unable to eject if you are using Vista ReadyBoost

^ I'm with it's still being accessed.

My pc won't let me eject my USB hard drive UNLESS I close all programs that I was using files on. So I may have had a Word file open, but instead of just closing that file and leaving Word running I have to completely shutdown Word.

Additionally, maybe your antivirus is a bit overactive and is busy scanning your iriver for viruses? Can you tell whether there's any activity on the iriver?

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