Apple is making an announcement tomorrow. It's known to be about notebooks and wiser heads than mine are speculating about what it's going to be - so in the meantime I'll present my own wish list for the company. It's not based on any evidence and I haven't based it purely on notebooks.

* An affordable notebook - maybe a competitor to the Asus Eee but based on the Apple OS. This is of course entirely unnecessary in the current market but it would be nice to have something shiny, and if they can make it look as good as the rest of their offerings...

* ...mind you, we don't want just another cheap laptop. There are plenty of those and if Apple has any sense, even in these straitened times, it will maintain its profile as a premium brand.

* An optical drive in the box of a MacBook Air. It's an optional extra at the moment but I don't know anyone who's completely ready to do without it.

* A drop in the prices of the aforementioned MacBook Airs. The world is heading into recession and if you want to stay at the top...

* An interim release of an iPhone with FM Radio but above all with Flash and a do-list - so when we click on videos on the Internet we can see the things, and all rather than most of our productivity tools that are bundled with a Mac get replicated.

* A TV tuner or two in the Apple TV. It's crazy that a thing called a TV can do everything except play and record live TV.

That would just about do it for me. Feel free to hoot with derisive laughter when none of it happens tomorrow.