well the title kinda says it all.

ive got this flat screen monitor hanging around my house, and i want to use it, because this one is sooooo long, its right in my face when im using the PC.

well as i said, i turn the PC on and the backlight flashes on then off, and i get a very faint display, i can see whats going on on the screen, but not very well, and only with another light source shining on it.

also if i turn it off and on when the PC is running the backlight flashes up and i can see for about half a second what is being shown.

when my brothers laptop messed up similarly (but without the flashing backlight), there was something to do with a part you could change to do with the backlight, but it just turned out the little button that presses in when the laptop is closed, was jamed down :cheesy:

anyway, can someone please help me with this, im reasonably competant with PCs and electronic, so if its a part that needs changing i can give it a go, because its no loss if i mess it all up.
and if i cant do it, how much do you think it will be to get fixed?

thanks guys

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the monitor is a mitac lc 552, i think my brother got it with his PC a few years ago, and then sold the base unit, so this has been used on another PC in my house, untill it went wrong.
ive been googling about all day, and ive found things about inverter boards, can i replace this myself and how much would it cost?

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