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What exactly is giving you that temperature? Is it the CPU or the motherboard?

I mean the CPU the intel core i7 920 temp is 85 so will it spoil ?
If i run about one day ?


You need to find out why it is running that hot. It will be ok at that temp, provided that that is your loaded temp.
Obviously though, cooler is better :).


Getting rid of all dust in the heatsink and fan and putting some fresh thermal paste on should help.


Air flow through the computer case is crucial. Make sure there is not only enough air flow but also there is non-obstructed air flow inside the case. For example, move wires away from "no mans land", put unused wires from the power supply on top of your CD/DVD drive(s). If you dont have any case fans, consider getting two and putting one as an intake and one as an exhaust.

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