Connecter question with Digital Doc 5

I just got the digital doc 5 and the fan connectors are i think a 3 pin and all of my fans have the big 4 pin style connecter what adapter do i need to buy. I have looked buy can not find one i am sure will works.
Thanks in advance!
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you just need an adapter like one that normal posted. but a like he said, Most Mobo's will have at least one.


OK. Let's get back to the subject.

Quote from the review:

This unit only works with the 3 pin fans, so if you have the 4 pin Molex, you will need to some some wire splicing, or purchase and adapter, they really should have included a 4pin Molex connector or two in as extras.

Now, let's clarify some basics regarding 3 and 4-wire fans:
3-wire fans are RPM-monitoring capable (thus 3rd wire)
4-wire fans are also voltage-monitoring capable (thus 4th wire).
So, if you want 4-wire fan plugged into 3-pin jack, you will have to sacrifice voltage monitoring (that is monitored directly at the fan, and not at the source).

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