With the iPad taking off in such a big way that inevitably means for the business market as well as consumer, no matter how much some might argue otherwise. And that surely also means it will only be a matter of time before we get word of the first big data compromise involving the device at some enterprise or other which really ought to know better. So, have you got your iPad data locked down yet?

One security vendor says it has. According to DeviceLock the solution to prevent such data leakage through the iPad comes in the form of the iPhone local synchronisation filtering technology which is already built into it's DeviceLock 6.4.1 product which can control local data transfers between the iPad and endpoint computers.

In other words, the iPad can and should join a long list of other removable storage devices which can have some kind of granular access permissions applied.

"DeviceLock customers already have the enforcement technology in place to protect themselves from users locally copying sensitive data from a Windows endpoint to an iPad and from the loss of control over that data should the iPad user then store or send it to destinations that are even further outside the protected confines of the corporate network" said Ashot Oganesyan, DeviceLock CTO and Founder. "The iPad is positioned as a digital book reader, video player, and gaming platform. But, with its bigger screen, keyboard, and a well-funded application development community, iPad buyers are equipped to not just consume content, but to create content, and for knowledge workers that means to work. However, the IT security impacts need to be taken into consideration and policy set with regard to iPad use".