first of all id like to say hi to you all, my laptop keeps turning itself off, it started doing it when i tried to watch clips on the internet or upload photos but now it does it more and more often, the fan gets louder before the laptop turns itself off (i dont know if this has anything to do with it) any help will be really appreciated

Overheating? Fan not working? Laid on a carpet?

i lay it half on my knee when im using it so the fans are uncovered, i think the fans are working because you can feel the draft off them.

The fan sound makes overheating a reasonable diagnosis.

If you blow cold air into the laptop does it take longer to turn off? there are air intakes that you can aim a fan at.

Does it turn of if just idle and what is the laptiop so we can assess whether the CPU goes into low voltage mode when idle or if it has any low voltage mechanism when overheating.

hi there ive just tried blowing a fan into the air intake while playing a film on the internet and managed to watch 3:10sec! and it didnt turn itself off! so if i take it to a repair shop to get a new fan fitted that should do it. the laptop turns off completly and its a tosh satellite a30

If you can feel the hot air being blown out, it might not be the fan although greater efficiency won't hurt.

A good first bet is for the repairer to look at the mobo for dust layers or other air obstructions.

Anyway, good luck with that.