The iPad Is Cool But Can It Run Linux?

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Now there's a challenge for Apple hardware fans who don't necessarily love the "upgraded" iPhone OS: Install Linux on it. It might be possible but the hard part is getting past the A4 processor. Is there a Linux kernel tweaked for it? Why would you want to run Linux on an iPad? Wouldn't you lose much of the built-in functionality with such a move? And, could you put the original OS back on it after potentially breaking it? $500 is pretty expensive for a paperweight.

It will be interesting to see how well such a hack would work. I'm looking forward to reading about the first early adopter with $500 to burn on it. The aftermath of Apple criticizing such a move will be equally interesting.

I thought it was rather comical to see all those iPhone hacks to break out of the pre-programmed phone network to use any carrier. I'm glad that there are those of you out there willing to take a chance on destroying your new devices on such pursuits. I'd never do it but I'm certainly amused at those of you who do. Thank you.

This idea brings up an associated idea: How about one of you, my loyal readers, installing Linux on your iPad?

The first one to do it gets their story featured here on DaniWeb, by me.

Now, I'm not telling you to go and break your new iPad. I'm just saying that, if you really want to try it and if you succeed, I'll write a story about you and your experiences here.

Good luck.

When you're finished and satisfied with the result, send me a private message through the DaniWeb system and we'll connect via email or phone to highlight your efforts. Don't forget to give me your email address in the message.

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This idea brings up an associated idea: How about one of you, my loyal readers, installing Linux on your iPad?

You may have just asked someone to violate an Apple license agreement. You should always think twice before asking anyone to tamper with Apple equipment.

Meanwhile if you want a Linux table why spend $500 - $830 USD when you can get one for $230?

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