I have a Compaq Presario CQ60-211DX Notebook PC and I'm unable to burn any music files to cd, and i have been using the same brand as always when burning music in the past, when I inseert a cd it states please insert a blank cd...can you please help me resovle this problem I've been having for always 3weeks now

Crud collects after a period of time in any mach. You might try a lens cleaner disc.

Have you ever installed NERO software for buring on your computer? If you have, this is a known issue. I have the same problem. I had NERO installed for burning to an external DVD drive. I was having problems with NERO and uninstalled it but it already did something to the computer where it will not allow me to burn to a CD. Just a thought.

While there have been viruses that can damage hardware your chances of having one damage yours is about 0%.
What is far more likely is that a remnant of the Ahead Nero file set is still lurking about engaged as a software device in your registry. Finding it may prove next to impossible. As a check remove all drives from your system, make a temporary install of your current OS on a spare drive and see what happens.
The executable that MS has used since W95 to write to the CD is Roxio.exe (I believe the spelling is correct) and any remnant of Nero is running interference. The Nero uninstall may well have missed it.
You can try but I doubt that you'll get much help from Ahead software. As it's technically NOT a virus it's probably being viewed as a non-issue by Ahead. You may have better luck in one of the MS newsgroups.

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