Hay im getting a Apple laptop but i don't know what one to get..heres what im using it for.....Games....school work....Internet....House use...and i want to hook it up to my other computer this broadband...do i need anything special...how much will a wireless contetion be....thanks....


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mac isnt for games they suck at it and theres hardly any

Um, Macs are fine for gaming. All you need is a copy of Windows XP or Vista and you're good to go. MacBooks have a lousy built-in video card, I'll give you that. But MacBook Pros are great gaming laptops.

I use my iBook G4 to play World of Warcraft and it works fine other then the graphics card isnt all that great but im gonna be getting a Macbook Pro soon and it should run fine on it code 2 duo for the win. So ya I think a macbook pro would great for you i dont know about all the broadband computer shareing stuff though.

yeah but WoW is one of the few games that actually exists for mac osx

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