MacBook Pros... Wherefore Art Thou?

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So, MacWorld finally came and went. For months, I've anticipated this event. After Apple released Leopard in November, I had my eyes set on moving over to the Mac world. But without any guarantees that Apple would preinstall Leopard on existing laptops in their inventory and after hearing about numerous applications that weren't Leopard compatible, I told myself that I'd wait a little longer.

And after today, I'm waiting even longer.

The Macbook Air, an excellent addition to the Apple Macbook family, looks hot. Integrating iPhone/iPod Touch technology into the touchpad is just awesome. But did Apple forget about its other users? Sure, they can't roll out everything in a whole keynote -- though I was hoping. Really, I was. Perhaps it's just jealousy or the desire to get a nice big old Apple for the first time in my life that I actually intend to use, but I wanted a nice large Macbook Pro. And I wanted them to announce it. Today.

At least I'm not alone. Investors don't seem to be pleased with the announcements either. I'm in good company, then. Steve Jobs did say that there are another 50 weeks left of the year, but 50 weeks seems like way too long. That's 30,240,000 seconds. Or 504,000 minutes. You know, that seems like an eternity.

I still can't really believe that it's taking this long to get a laptop that I know will make me an Apple convert. I intend to use this Macbook like my own desktop. It's been at least seven months since I've anticipated this release -- my hopes were shattered in November and they're shattered again in January -- and I'm going to likely be waiting another three or four or seven. I just hope that's not going to be the case.

Let's just hope that new Macbook Pros come around next month with 17" displays and with the touch compatibility. Now that would be sweet.

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I'm excited! I pre-ordered my Air yesterday. The option of SSD is quite a bit more expensive, but worth every penny. SSD is what I was really waiting for and I'm glad I waited for it.

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It's exciting, but I can't be a MacBook Air convert until I'm a Mac convert. I use my 17" Dell laptop like a desktop and I know that it would take precedence over the Air if I took that direction. I did the same thing when I bought an iBook in 2002. I used it only when I could, which wasn't often, and then I got rid of it since it was collecting dust.

So I will only buy what I know I'll invest time and energy in. Unfortunately, while the MacBook Air is sweet, if I have to buy it for myself, then I'm probably not going to use it as often as I want to.

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I have noticed though, that the last couple years, AAPL has fallen on MacWorld. Strange, but the word does fit when considering stocks and investors.

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