Hi, I've got a Toshiba HDD2718 B ZE01 T Model MK2104MAV Hard Drive. I also have an interface connector to connect this HD into an IDE cable into my Desktop PC to enable me to load Win 95 / Win 98 OS onto the laptop HD. This connector joins 2.5 HD 44 pin to PC 40 pin IDE. My problem is that I cannot get the PC to recognize the 2.5 HD. Could someone please walk me through the process as everything I've tried has failed to initiate. I have used Win98 startup disc to load necessary info for FDISK and Format but all I get is message saying no disc present. I cannot be sure that the HD is powering on as I don't hear any noise indicating disc rotation. I am wondering if the interface connector is faulty as the HD when installed in a Compaq Contura 410 laptop works as far as flashing the screen with Windows 95 is starting then it shows C:/> and will not proceed any further hence my need to install the OS from CD on the desktop PC as the laptop does'nt have a CD drive. How can I test the connector via DVM? or any other method?. Neil.

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Make sure that it is recognized in your desktop's BIOS.
Make sure that it is on secondary IDE channel, as it is probably set as master. Also, make sure that the secondary IDE channel isn't disabled in BIOS.
Is the power cable connected to it?

Hi Chaky, Thanks for your reply. Will try as you suggest and let you know if I have any luck. Neil.

Hi Chaky, Just to let you know I'm still working on this project. Found out the adaptor was faulty and got another one slightly different type and I got the HDD through FDISK and set it up and tried to load Win98 and when it went to start for first time it didn't! As I say I'm working on it but I now have to get into the mood for it. Neil.

If you want your PC to boot from 2.5 HDD, the partition on it needs to be set as active. In order to do so, you first need to boot from floppy with FDISK on it and use FDISK to set the partition active. Other HDDs must be disabled/unplugged at the time, for FDISK will not let you set it as active, if there is already one active partition present.

P.S. Play some music to set the mood, hehe

Hi Chaky, I have managed at long last to get the HD operational with Win98 and I have it installed in the Compaq Contura 410C Notebook. all working AOK many thanks for your help. We can close this thread. Neil.

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