Now, I have checked to make sure that the RAM did not come out accidentaly. I also made sure that the video card did not become dislodged. I'm guessing its a problem resulting from the motherboard. because i unplug the rest of the hardware and it still beeps. It won't load to bios or anything. it just sits there...beeping. so...umm...any diagnosis?

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read the motherboard manual. It will say what the different beeps means. Different amounts/pitches/speed of beeps mean different things and will help you solve the problem

check if the memory are proper insulted in their memory slots in proper manner also check if the peripheral devices configured ok.

possibly bad memory / loosely installed memory. can you try another memory stick???
rule out in this order :- Memory .....then power supp unit.... would appreciate if you could describe the type and no of beeps from pc.

well. the pc just gives off long beeps. continuously. and i've tried everything. the memory/powersupply. restrating the bios. nope. everything is working. i did notice one thing: you know how there's two plugs for the motherboard? well i take off the yellow and black one, and it stops beeping, but it won't load. so either way, something's wrong.

im havin the same problem with mine. 3 second beeps inbetween 3-4 second pauses. i dont have the manual so i cant check to see whats wrong. it just beeps and beeps, and nothing comes up on the monitor.

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