Hi.. recently my old PC went bust. I don't know if it's relevant but just before I switched off the PC for the last time, I remembered there was a CD inside and opened the drive. However, before I could close the drive, the PC shut down. The next time I started up the PC, the tray went back in but then... I got nothing. No boot up screen.. no signal to the monitor. I just get repetitive , rapid beeps coming from the internal speaker. (the tiny one on the mother board. It sounds something like morse code but with just one tone). The power indicator LED on the from of the PC flickers in sync with the beeping.
I did a hard reboot and it didn't work.
I've now pulled out most of the components of the PC (graphics card , hard drive, network card ect) to try and figure out where the problem is..
Now, the only components still fixed are the most essential ; the processor, the mother board and the power supply.
That's all I know.. what do you guys think could be the problem?

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try to listen to the number of beeps,if it three then know that it is probably the RAM that has problem..rremove the RAM and wipe both it and the slot otherwise if the no of beeps is less than 2 problably the problem is with the processor...remove it then repeat the above procedure.....otherwise remove everything including the RAM and the proccessor and do proper cleaning......hope it will solve the problem


I don't think what I'm hearing is any kind of code. The computer keeps making short, rapid beeps indefinitely.

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