Bear with me, I'm new with laptops.

I want to get this up and running after I bought it at a garage sale for $5 (it included a CD-ROM and floppy MultiBay components, but no HD or case to put it in).

Last night, I was troubleshooting a problem with the HD I just bought, a Seagate Marathon 1.6 Gb. At some point, when I would plug the power cord in, it would sit for 5 secs., flash its battery power light for a sec while two clicks came out fo the speakers, then all three lock lights came on, and that would be it. I took out the HD, battery pack, and switched and took out the MultiBay componenets in various combinations, and played with the power switch and suspend button, but I got the same results. Even the manual I downalded @ HP dosen't mention it. But I did read that laptops tend to overheat, so I put it away until today.

Now that I plugged it in, the battery light came on, whch would indicate that it was charging. When I hit the power switch or suspend button, the same three light would come back on. Right now, it's charging the battery (hopefully), which will take three hours, according to the manual.

Should I presume that the dead battery was the cuprit. It had no juice. Besides, would that have anything to do with what happened, since I was using the power cord?

Again, I know nothing about laptops, so any help would be great! TIA!

open it up with power disconnected check to make sure the controller cables are connected to the correct source sounds like someone may have gotten them mixed up.
if that doesnt work it may be a power supply issue(bad supply).