yesterday, i was repairing my PC using the recovery console when suddenly, the PC turned off. I don't know what happened. everytime i try to start the computer, the fan turns for a second then stops. please help. i haven't solved the first problem yet and here is another one again!!!!

Open the case and at least check for dust accumulation on the CPU's heat sink fins, etc. Could be that it's just your temp protection switch is kicking in. If it is it could very well be causing probs. all over the place.

Gateway 7324 Laptop:  Light is on (showing juice from outlet) no one home.  The "on" button itself doesn't light, and activates nothing.  How do I open it up to see if there's a simple disconnection?  Or otherwise help myself?  I have so much I want not to lose on this machine. --- I can follow clear instructions if I understand what I'm looking at. It'd be my first dissection, and I'm quite weak on nomenclature.

I was hoping that this was some sort of desktop machine. Portables (that are NOT all the same) have plastic parts that just snap in which makes them difficult to take apart and small metal pieces that are prone to bend.
Assembly screws are often small and frequently hard to locate. Given your stated shortcomings it's best to leave this to someone that has more experience than you do such as a service tech. The mfg. isn't likely to want to part with the service manual to anyone that isn't a service tech. but you can ask, the worst that they can do is to say no. If they do they're gonna want a price and you'll have to judge as to if it's worth the price. I would think that you have a right to the manual even with a price but mfg. policies vary.