THis Isn't Like all the other screen issues i've seen here. I Have a Toshiba Laptop.
It's a Toshiba Satellite P25-S5262. It Was Working Properly a Few months Ago, But within the last month, its gotten to the point, of not being useable... Anymore. When I boot it on, it does a standard Toshiba BIOS Splash, but then after it tries POST and all, i get really odd numbers. It's all binary on my screen. but text still shows on it. Ill ALWAYS get the boot option for windows, but Safe mode, last good known, and start normally are all covered in 0's and 1's. Weather it be in Last Known good, Or Safe Mode, The system Will Lock up, and My screen Will No longer Work. I've Done Multiple Reinstallations Of Windows, and I do Not know what it could be at this point.

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I would bring this one up with toshiba. I believe this is going to have a EFI partition...maybe that's where the problem is. Not sure if fixboot would be worth trying. Toshiba is known for releasing a lot of patches...might want to check for that stuff first as well if you haven't already. Sounds like it could be some sort of controller issue or something. Toshiba may have some way of resetting the boot partition. When you reload OS are you doing it from a toshiba restore cd or a normal XP cd?

Well, I've Done A Reinstall With A Standard XP disk, but it Doesn't Seem Like Its an issue with the OS, Becuase it Shows up All Zero's Covering My Screen, Before It boots to windows. Unless windows is activating During the POST... I will Try it with the Disks, IF i can fins Them, Where they went, are beyond me. anymore help, would be greatly Appreciated, Thanks. :]

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