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Is it worth the extra 100 bucks to get the C2 duo 6850 or is the 6750 a better buy. I will overclock but don't want to go too far. I do a lot of video work and need something fast.
I have another question on what type of board to get. With all the new ones popping up what seems to be the best right now? I know much is on personal preference but I just want some input. Thanks for your time.

I replied to your other post about 64 bit. The benchmarks rate the 6850 better than the 6750 in most of the tests. If those tests are applicable to your uses for the CPU, then you'd take the 6850.

I faced that choice too and took the Quad 6600 - but that was for a specific calculation program that will utilise as many processors as are available. So 4 x 2.4 is better than 2 x 2.6 sort of thing in my case.

For video rendering I'd have thouyght that with the right application (and that may be a challenge) a Quaddie is the best bet.

I can't judge which is the best board, but I did have a choice to make and from my signature you can see that I chose nForce because of its affiliation with nVidia; a sort of "feeling" eith no evidence that the graphics card will blend better with the mobo. Prolly of no consequence. But the mobo is good and I'm trouble free.