Hello, this is my first question to a problem but i had to try something before proceeding to a computer store for repairs. Can any help. My brother has pulled out a wd 20.5 (205AA)harddrive by mistake while the computer was running. I have tryed to re boot it with a windows 98se soft ware that i have to no avail, all i get is -computer does not have hard drive disk or its not functioning correctly or your harddisk requires a special driver device.
I thought there may have been a spark go through the hard drive a buggered it so i bought a second hand formatted one 40gb(wd400) off ebay and i get the same problem.
Even if i try starting computer without cd rom support an type fdisk all i get is -no fixed disks present.
Am i doing something wrong or has the motherboard had damage, please help as i am to in experienced to deal with it.jo

yeah sounds like it damaged the IDE controller on the motherboard

Thanks for your reply jbennet's i have bought about 5 modems from an ebay member for $10AU with extra bits and pieces so when i pick them up i will attempt to either replace the IDE or the whole motherboard with one that matches. I know this sound dumb but where and what is the IDE controller. This is the first time i have pulled apart a computer and it seems very simple inside, compared to the price of $90.00 per hour my local computer charges.What would you do.Thanks Jo

the ide controller is sadly build into the motherboard :(

ooh ok ,thats ok if i can find a motherboard thats the same i will try and replace the old one and then see whats happening.I really appreciate all advice,thank you Jo.

try using the secondary IDE controller, then in your bios disable the primary and use the secondary as the boot, set you HDD to the same as if it was on the primary controller