Hi guys! How is it going? Hope fine!! Am a student currently studying undergrad BSC computing and my computer is giving a problem i can't solve. My hard disk space keeps reducing. I use Norton Antivirus and have scanned my computer several times with the result that my computer is fine. I turned off system restore as they say viruses or worms can hide when system restor backs up and scanned again with little result. I uninstalled Norton Antivirus and installed Avarst, another anitvirus program and scanned again but my hard disk space is still going down. Its disturbing as i need my computer to work effectively in school and am running down on disk space. I don't know why.

I want to run scandisk and later defragment. I feel it might not be a worm but maybe a harddisk problem.

Any help anyone can offer me will be deeply appreciated!

Thannks and you all keep fit!


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Hi Ike,

Unfortunately I can't help you, but can at least give you moral support, as the same thing is happening with me! Last week I did have a nasty virus called Bravesentry and I've been through the mill with that, but I think I've managed to get rid of it now. I've done all the things I was told to do by the experts and have scanned the computer since then a million times. I've even wondered if maybe it was the scanning logs that are causing the rapid shrinkage, but it seems very unlikely indeed and like you, I'm very worried I'll run out of space. I could really do without all this grief.

Come on all you geniuses out there, help us out!

Kind regards,

Hi Ian,

Appreciate the support. Am sure i don't have the solution yet but something strange happened. I checked Local disk(c) and found through Windows file/temp files that the files were being created there. I just decided to see which folder has all my space and found the temp files were up to 18GB. Then i observed it and found files being created as i was looking at it. one of the file name is Notify...something. So kept the files in the recycle bin to see if any of my programs needed it but found none did so i deleted all of them. I continually did this each time cos the files just kept being created. But something strang happened. Now the files are no longer created when my computer is on but only when i switch it on after shutting down. An only two of them are created each time i turn on my computer. Self Healing..........i don't think so. But as i have more time and less assignments i hope to find the cause and will let you know. I have exams next month with Java included which is not that easy but fun.
I believe we will find the cause and solve it. Keep me up to date about your efforts.

Remain safe!!


Hi Ike,

Yes, I did something very similar. I delete my temporary internet files folder on a regular basis as a matter of routine, but did not think that such a huge amount of space would be taken up in such a short space of time by temp files. Nonetheless, after deleting them, my disc space did almost go back up to normal. Another thing I did (after making sure there were no viruses/malware present) was to switch off System Restore and then turn it back on again. Generally speaking this is not a recommended action, but it gave me back 8GB! If everything else is running smoothly, I think that periodic flushing of the restore points is a GOOD thing to do, so long as you immediately turn it back on again. Who really needs months and months worth of restore points anyway? Please don't just do this because I've done it, but it is definitely something to consider.

Hope all goes well with the exams!:)

Best wishes,

You should regularly check with ur temp files (Run -> %temp%) and its not good to pile up stuffs amounting 8 - 18 GB there as folks above just did. If not sorted with that, you certainly have a virus in your system and preferably you should format.
Switching off system restore is a really bad idea. Any further suggestions are invited.

Well the above remark is quite shallow. My problem is I use an internet cafe to find jobs, I store the job searches onto my USB. All my files on USB have turned into

Well the above remark is quite shallow. My problem is I use an internet cafe to find jobs, I store the job searches onto my USB. All my files on USB have turned into "application" The actual folder is not visable. So i click on the "application" and it runs.
When I get home, I have to click on the "appliation" ( how bad can things get when your unemployed ??? ) Now the application does something to my hard drive and no matter how many times I delete files. 1GB etc it fills up my hard drive so Windows is always reminding me that disc space is low.

How old is your System.This kind of problem generate through many ways,Sometimes virus hide system files.those file reduce our hard disk space instantly.Reinstall Os for solve this problem. another Is your hard disk old so may be bad sector created in your hard disk,So consult with hardware engineer.

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