Hi all. I have a custom built system that I've been using for around 3 years. To save power, I hibernate it before I go to bed. The other day, when I tried turning it back on from hibernate, nothing happened. The motherboard power light is on, the power supply gets warm, but no power goes to the rest of the system. No fans spin and theres no beeps.

My System:
AMD Athlon 64 3200+ CPU
ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe Motherboard
2x512MB CRUCIAL Ballistix PC3200 RAM
MSI nVidia 8600GTS 256MB PCI-E GPU
ANTEC Smartpower 2.0 500 Watt PSU
MICROSOFT Windows XP Home Edition SP2 with all updates.

I've tried a number of things:
-I tried resetting the power and using a different outlet. No luck.
-Clear CMOS. I removed the battery, moved the jumper, and left it for 30 minutes before trying again. No luck.
-Checked all connections. I took the entire system apart, and removed EVERYTHING from the case except the motherboard, CPU, and CPU heatsink and put it back together making doubly sure that all connections were solid. No luck.
-I unplugged all peripheral devices in the computer, so that the only things left plugged in inside were the motherboard, one hard disk, the CPU fan and the graphics card. No luck.
-Suspecting that the power on switch might be broken, I cut the "POWER_SWITCH" wire between the motherboard pins and the front panel and manually circuited the wire. No luck.
-Following up on the above hunch, I used a jumper to connect the two pins of the "POWER_SWITCH" on the motherboard. No luck.
-After reading some posts on other discussion boards about nVidia graphics cards causing issues in resuming after S4 Hibernate, I tried swapping in my old GPU, an MSI nVidia 6600GT just to see if it would make any difference. No luck.

My thoughts:
The biggest problem right now is that I don't know what the problem is. It could be a power supply issue, a power cable issue, a motherboard issue, a power button issue....the list goes on. I'm probably going to go down to Radioshack and buy a new 3V CMOS battery in case--for some inexplicable reason--my current battery failed.

Anyways, I'm looking for any help anyone has to offer. Thanks for reading!

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when you power on the PC does ANY of the fans come on. Do you have another (maybe Older) Power supply you can try on the board to rule out the PSU. then move from there

when you power on the PC does ANY of the fans come on. Do you have another (maybe Older) Power supply you can try on the board to rule out the PSU. then move from there

Not a single fan in the entire system spins when I press the power. The only way to get them to spin I discovered was to plug the ATX power cable into the motherboard while the PSU was turned on. For a split second as some of the 24 pins connect, the fans spin and the lights flicker on as they normally do, only to turn off once all 24 pins are connected. This leads me to believe that the problem is not in the PSU or the cable but in the way the system is being turned on.

Since I suppose it is relevant, my old power supply (which I used for two years) burned out around 6 months ago. That time, the computer spontaneously shut down while I was using it with a puff of smoke and a foul burning smell. I later discovered that there was a broken fuse inside the PSU and got it replaced. This time I neither saw no puff of smoke nor smelled any odor.

Thanks for the reply.

do you have a tester you can use to verify if there is power coming out of the PSU. If you are certain that the PSU is working then we have to turn to the CPU. failing that then i would suspect the Mother board. Most likely due to the burnt out power supply.

verify that your PSU is working correctly. Verify with a VM that the proper volts are being destributed. If not you have a bad psu, is so then you have a bad MOBO.

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