I am planning on subscribing to iO in the near future (digital cable service) and would like to use it in conjunction with my Apple 23" Cinema HD display, via a tv tuner for the mac.

Being as the cable line will be delivering a digital signal, and it is a HD digital display monitor, is there some way I could use an all digital tv tuner? All of the tv tuners I've seen fetch an analog signal and convert it to a digital signal. I'd like to avoid doing that conversion to obtain the best picture.

I am running a Mac G5. Optimally, a USB 2 or FireWire tv tuner that is Panther-compatible would be the best option for me.

Any ideas wehre I could find one of these guys?

Do you know the connection type from the digital source (cable box) ?

Basically, the regular cable line coming out of my wall is capable of sending both an analog and digital signal. When i sign up for iO, it will be sending a digital signal. My monitor is capable of receiving a digital signal. However, I need a converter to go from a cable line to DVI (or ADC) without any conversion of the signal, itself (digital --> digital).

what you want is a digital decoder?
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