I am starting this thread in the hope that I might get some help to restore my laptop. On New Years Eve as I booted up I got the "Windows cannot start system32/config/.... file is missing or corrupted. Spoke with Toshiba and since I could not locate my recovery cd had to purchase one for $40.00 plus shipping. Of course the moron I spoke to said that any recovery disk would work and of course it didn't as I tried the windows suggestion and others I found while searching for this info at work. Tech support did suggest getting an external USB stick to back up my personal information etc.... Received cd and purchased USB called tech support last night to get some help on how to save my info. Seems they charge $35.00 for support, well not having superfluous cash and as a matter of principle I politely said "forget it" and here I am.
Might anyone be able to provide detailed instructions on saving my info prior to recovery since that will wipe out everything.
Not exactly the most computer savvy person in the world so please bear with me.
I would appreciate any comments or suggestions, other than "never buy a Toshiba again"
Thank you

Have you tried doing a Sytem Restore? Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Restore. In the calendar click on a date that precedes you problem and apply it.

I cannot log into windows at all and Toshiba recovery disk states upon starting that you should save files before starting recovery process

Have you tried getting into safe mode?

If you can't and you wish to save files from it you could connect it as a slave drive in another computer and transfer the files either to the other hdd and then burn them to CDs or transfer them to a flash drive.

I realise witha dead computer you cant use it! However I keep a linux (kubuntu) bootable cd. this boots into a linyux version ( entirely from the CD) like windows that can access the hard disk and enable you to copyfiles. It may be that you can get a friend to down load the free linux ISO image and make you a bootble CD. At least that way you can get files off the machine.
Best of luck