this is the info on my proc. . i bought this chip and i was told it was 1900 + but the black sticker says

XP 2500 + Barton 512K (Socket To Cod. axda2500kv4d)

is this an overclocking chip ? how do i get more info . im confused now .

It looks like somebody made a mistake at the shipper. From what I can glean, you've got an Athlon XP2500 with a Barton core, and not the XP1900 you paid for.

i got it off of ebay . what program can verify the sticker is the correct info ?

Bung it in a bloody PC and see what it identifies as! By the way, there should be another code number on there. What is it?

Reset CMOS and see what it identifies as. That FSB is running wrong speed and it's being misdetected. Your BIOS may need updating. What is the make and model number of your motherboard please?

i sold my gigabyte motherboard . im upgrading to the abit series motherboards .

which one do you reccomend ?

im getting everyones opinions on a good board for overclocking and ofcourse stability .

also , how far will i be able to push that chip with an abit board , 400w psu , 2 Micron Technologies PC 3200 400 mhz 256 MB DDR sticks and 1 128 ddr 2100 stick .

NF7-S revision 2. Do NOT get the NF7-S2 or the NF7-S2G because they do NOT provide overclocking facility.

Throw away the PC2100 RAM because it isn't adequate. You need to push Fsb up towards 200MHz to overclock it, so you need PC3200 or better RAM. If your chip runs at 200MHz fsb it will effectively be a 3200+. I have two here which run at that speed, but I'm not sure if yours will be suitable. You'll have to try it and find out!