ATI has fired there old Driver crew finally! NOw no more driver problems, well lets hope.

The CATALYST Crew just released IN june new ATI Drivers so far so good. I have a couple ATI cards so far so good. All work with DirectX9 fine no problems.

ATI is starting to come back up to the top. Congrats ATI.

They have also came out with the Radeon 9700 which is 400mhz designed for Direct x9 and 8xAGP

In the last model will come in time will be the 256MB Version lets hope this thing is equiped with QDR Ram :)

And also now called the VPU instead of the GPU

here is some more information about this kick ass card.

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I always used the omega drivers based off the catalyst drivers.

I'm just sooooo not an ATI person. I used to have a Rage 128 and then a Radeon. When I realized that there weren't any good linux drivers for the Radeon I switched to Nvidia and never went back.

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