Everyone has a hard drive light on the front of there tower. I got one problem with mine... it stays solid 100% of the time.. even when i boot to dos on a disk. I recently installed a few drives to the machine... and I'm wondering (before i take this whole dam thing apart) does it matter where the master and the slave go on the ide cable? Ahhh this is so annoying... lol.

Ok... it doesn't matter where it's in the ide cable. I think it could be something with your motherboard.

Also... as i was talking to you before about, take all the cables from the case (power, restart, led's, and etc.) that's connected to your motherboard and unplug them. O yah... make sure on the motherboard or in the instruction manual that it says how to put the cables back in correctly.

It's your HDD LED and LED. It's backwards switch it

Ok... what second LED. I don't recall having it say plainly "LED" on the cables running from the case to the motherboard. You talking about the PWR LED or what?

Depends on the case HDD LED, HD LED, PWR LED, POWER LED depends man lol yeah but you on the right track with the LED's

O... ok, now i see what you mean. All the computers i built had everything in paraphrased format (hard drive = hdd, power = pwr). Keep in mind... i don't exactly remember all the comps i built, just that i think the last few i did had the paraphrasing in the labeling.

There are tons and tons of Different Labels. For some stupid reason nobody sticks with the right saying.

One of the most messed up things about PC CASES and Motherboards

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