Hey gang if you guys know any PC MOD sites that you think nobody has seen send them over. Post them here I would love to see them. I thinking about starting a company Online and Offline selling PC MOD's fully built. If you guys have some sites you would like to show me feel free let me know.

I ran a PC MOD site it's in my signature. I will try to get all questions that you guys have. If you guys have pictures of your PC MOD's let me know.

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MAN!! you're site is phat (i look at it all da time), hopefully my next case will be a cool lookin mod, kinda like what's on your site

Quick quesiton where did you hear about my site? hehe always good to hear it's in search engines on www.mazinweb.com and on www.hitechmods.com

enjoy it while it lasts

I've always wondered... do you really make all those mods? and is a shot gun always involved? lol. Really good job on that site... maybe you could put a link to this site somewhere on it! Thanks alot

lol of course, this site will be posted there by tommorw. Also no not at all. All those cases are cases I get submitted or something else. My case is in there somewhere it's too many pictures to find any who later on this month going to get a Digital Camara from a friend and take like 2000 Pictures of my stuff no joke.

I can't wait to see it. You web site is liberating for all the 15 year olds who want to mod there case, but know there parents will kill them if they do. lol

I was going to get a case this month and start modding it out. But now i realized, i have no time. I'm like extremely busy with SOOO much work and crap. In a few weeks, hopefully in about two, i will have some free time, and start planning out the case.

Check out this web site for the coolest best build cases I seen so far.


Check them out I want a case from them god they are good.

You know what i was thinking of doing, since i decided to built my sys in da summer, if i have a really good mod. I'm gonna sell it on ebay, lol, wanna see how much people would pay for it. Then i'd build myself another one. I doubt i'd sell it on ebay, but that'd b fun.

I C big business in pre-modded full built cases...

It's what I'm thinking about doing with two business partners just lots of money to start.

Start out slowly, buy a couple of cases, mod em out... and sell em. Eventually, you'll have customers lining up to buy your cases and then, the big money starts pouring in...

Funny thing is you hate cheaters but I cheat and you think just like me lol

Hey MAD_DOG, your site is the best MOD site i have seen so far. I got friends that can Host your site for free if you wanted to well. take care dude

hmmmmmmm Rolo we will talk about it today at college hmmmmm sounds really good.

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