i have a dell 4150 inspiron lap top, i am looking to upgrade the hard drive. it now has only 30 g. i would like to put at leasdt 100g in it. noblody , but noby seems to be able to find me one that fits,(except if i took it to a place and paid a fortune,) right now it has hitachi
dk23da3-f i went to best buy with my old one, showed it to them, they sold me a pata160.took it home and it didin't look the same, sure enough it didin't fit, my old one has an extended pins, maybe plug in ?? not sure what i am talking about, please please just help anyone debby123

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did you try dell.com they sell parts for your laptop

yes, but dells upgrage is a 40 g why bother, i wanted to go bigger

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