my daughter has a laptop she used in college but will not boot up for some reason. it was bought in 2001 can anyone help?

A little more information would be extremely useful. Does it boot into bios? what does it do exactly. explain it as well as possible.

thanks so much for attempting. ok i will do best to show you my screen.

phoenixbios 4.0 Release 6.0
Copyright 1985-1998 Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
Inspiron 5000e G600GT
Bios revision A03

CPU = Intel(r) Movile Pentium(R)processor 600/500mhz
640k System RAM Passed
127M Extended RAM Passed

now on bottom it says press<F2> to enter setup
but if i do press F2 it just stays on (entering setup. This is all the screen says at this time. no clicking in machine or anything.
pls help

I am far from an expert but it sounds like your cmos battery is shot. this is the battery that gives your holds the boot information in your system. some of them snap in and some solder. if it was a desk top it would it would be a pretty straight forward job, pop the case and change the battery. it is the same process with a laptop but the case is harder to get into.

good luck

thanks millions. i will give that a try. do you want me to write back if it is a fix?

sure it would be useful knoledge