anyone have any suggestions or set-ups for servers for a small business, that'll be able to handle networking the office together, run a website off of, run phones, basic business needs. Anyhelp will be appreciated, I haven't even started on the build, so anything from info on the motherboard to the powersupply will be a great help. Thanks.

depending on the budget, I suggest getting a brandname server

Although 2003 Server will run nicely on most any mid range PC hardware, I agree that you would be better served with a true file server. The Dell Poweredge servers are very good and reasonably priced. You can buy cheaper than you can build.

Reliability and redundancy are the keys. You want either a RAID 1 or RAID 5 array and solid components.

For a true server, take a look at Intel, Tyan and Supermicro workstation and server motherboards. Pick a quality 450 watt or better power supply -- PCP&C and Seasonic are top choices. Sturdy case with good air flow and plenty of 3.5" drive bays.

for a true server, take a look at something like Dell Power edge R900 :)