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I had a problem with my mobod and sent it in to gigabyte. They said 3 weeks turn around and it is now day 32 and no mobod. I was wondering if all places are that way or is there another company that will get it back to you faster. They had to replace the nvidia chip and they said they only fix and won't replace. Please lead me to another company that has a better and faster fix. Thanks.

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I used to have a Giga-Byte motherboard and it was alright I guess. I then got an Asus motherboard and I've been very happy with it. Working on my third Asus right now :) Just a personal opinion.


Their P5P800 Special Edition is a thin incher than any other 865PE-A7 build. I love it, and the features embedded on the BIOS are great whether you're looking for performance or stability.

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