Through the Help and Support Center on my Compaq Presario SR1319RS, I'm trying to create the set of CD's or DVD's for backup/recovery. The write process completes successfuly for the 1st disk of the set with either CD or DVD. However, about 6 attempts have failed during the Verification phase of the process. I'm using the DVD-Writer / CD Writer Combo Drive. I've attempted 2 Memorex CD's, 2 Sony CD's and 2 Memorex DVD's. All of these disks are readable after this process, but they have failed this software's verification procedure.

Is this a known problem with the software, or is there something wrong with my drive, or do I need special CD's or DVD's?


The same thing happened to me too. I only wasted three DVD's two Moserbaer and 1 sony.
The writing proces get completed but when verification comes it is showing error messsage.
My model is Compaq V6604 AU. itys an AMD based system. what will be the problem. what is the solution for it.
Will i get a recovery CD directly from HP.


I gave up trying to do this. Besides, it looks like what you would be making if it worked is a set of CD/DVDs with the original disk image, as it was shipped from the factory. I bought an external USB connected backup disk drive and Acronis True Image backup software. I feel secure with this, and all my updates and software are preserved.