I have a 17" VGA Monitor, bout 3-4 years old. It was connected to my PC which is also about 3 years old, and it was working fine. But when I removed it, and put it on my old Packard Bell the Screen became really wavey. So i thought it might be the video card and switched it back to the original PC it was on, but it has same problem (the screen is wavy).
There is also a buzzing noise coming from the area where we connect the Monitor to the PC.

It never did this before but after going from the Packard back to the original it messed up.

So what's the problem here? Can anyone help me out?

It might be that the monitor is just dying on you. Sorta the same way that a lightbulb will burn out when the switch is flicked on or off instead of while it's in use. Another idea is that the Packard Bell video card didn't like the monitor and sent some sorta surge to it - or incompatible video data that burned out the monitor.

i am felipe
i have a hitachi laptop
my screen is barely showing i think its just the back light but im not sure just trying to make sure
my screen is showing but you cant really see it and when i connect it to another screen i can see
but on the laptop screen i can barely see it can you tell me if its the backlight or something else
thanks felipe