Ok Heres my question to you all...see if you can figure this one out.

Aiight, I've had this problem multiple times with all of my floppy drives, and believe me, I'm no n00b to computers, But either I never gave it the time to figure it out, or I'm just being dumb, either way, I don't know what the heck is wrong with all my floppy drives! And now that I've built a system for one of my teachers...and his doesn't work...I kinda have to make this work.

Heres my problem: Just like all my other floppy disk drives, when he puts in a disk, it won't read. Yes, Ive gone through the basics, the ribben is set correctly, the twist is towards the drive, there is power to the drive, yet everytime I try to get one of my floppies to work, they never do! It just keeps telling me "there is no disk in the drive"...and it's really starting to bother me...and I need this problem fixed ASAP! Please help me out here! Thanks!!!


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so your computer does reconize that the diskette drive is there, does it make any sounds or does a light come on after putting a diskette in

Sometimes the light is solid (whether a disk is in or not)...it doesn't ever make a sound like its reading it.

and Ill take it you have tried several disk


Solid light staying on the floppy drive means the ribbon cable is backwards. Otherwise, this is - unfortunately - the symptoms of a bad FDC (floppy disk controller) on the motherboard. I've had this happen to me on a brand new motherboard.

Yeah, are there any bios tweaks that I didn't turn on? Possibly the floppy controller in bios? I wanna make sure its this before I make the trip to his house to rip apart his system and check everything out. Its an ABIT NF7-M mobo, which I also have in my system. I'll try this out when I get home, to see if that is truly the problem. Thanks for everyones help, and if you have any more input it would be appreciated.


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