The centre of my display has a white band which seems to disappear partially when i apply a bit of pressure on the side of the display. Please help if any of you knows whats going on.

MJ Khan

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Is this with a laptop monitor or a standard LCD display? Who's the manufacturer? How old is the display? Is it under warranty?

I have the same problem with my 5yo laptop screen, only now it is permanently white when I switch it on. Can I repair this?

In my limited experience with laptops i have come across a few screens with the same problem. In all cases it has been due to broken contacts caused by the flex from the opening and closing of the laptop. If you remove the LCD from the laptop and then remove the metal surround away from the LCD, it might be screwed on or just clipped over the LCD. Under the metal covering you will find the circuit boards that pass on the info to the screen, the should be connected to the screen on one vertical side and one horizontal side through a series of thin metal strips. Check to see if any of the strips are broken, You will have to look very closely because it is very hard to tell. If you do come across any that are broken it is really just a matter of soldering them back on to the board VERY CARFULLY. You need a very fine, low heat soldering iron for this. unless you a really sure that you can do this yourself I recommend taking the screen to a professional to get soldered. Although I have fixed a few this way my first one was a disaster, because my iron was way too hot and i fused some two of the strips together leaving the LCD without any image at all.

If the display is under warranty, contact the manufacturer. ctrlf4 is correct, this is most likely a faulty connection cable, or the inverter card. If it's out of warranty, and you feel confident of your abilities, you might see if they can give you a place to order these parts, and download for a service manual for this display.

uh I need help.... How do I download "OPENGL" inorder to play medal of honor and other games on an older computer??? when I try to play it the error reads...." cannot load OPENGL subsystem... PLEASE HELP....:sad:

Thanks for the guidance there - I'll look into it. There is no warranty - and the laptop is a brand called 'Dual' (for which there is no info about anywhere - I bought this s/hand 2 years ago) but at least the LCD is a Hitachi - known brand. Thanks again for the responses.

CTRL is correct. A lot of laptops suffer from this issue. If you are comfortable with laptop structure, you can fix this with little trouble. BUT, as CTRL said... be careful. A bad solder could mean life or death for a laptop. I suggest a repair from a professional. You may find the cost seems a tad higher than you wanted to pay but there are few options when dealing with Laptop displays.


uh I need help.... How do I download "OPENGL" inorder to play medal of honor and other games on an older computer??? when I try to play it the error reads...." cannot load OPENGL subsystem... PLEASE HELP....:sad:


OpenGL is an API (Application Programming Interface) for 2D and 3D graphic applications. It is now included in most graphics cards/software upon purchase, and as you have now seen... usually required for most games. Depending on how old your system is and what type of card it's running, you may or may not have it. Check with your graphic card manufacturers website and see if a new OpenGL driver can be DL'ed (Try to have latest possible version). Your card may not support OpenGL at all if it is too old. Either way, your answer will surely be on the graphic card manufacturers website.

The easiest way to check graphic card specs is the following:

-- RIGHT CLICK on your desktop--> Click PROPERTIES on the box that pops up--> Go to SETTINGS tab--> Click ADVANCED button--> A new window will pop up... click ADAPTER tab--> The card information should be there.

P.S.- If you find a OpenGL driver for your card, I strongly suggest uninstalling your game and reinstalling it once you have installed your OpenGL. This will ensure OpenGL detection and eliminate possible after install GL conflicts.


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