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Both are good but i've heard some bad things about powercolor.

Why don't you wait for the new $200 6600 GT? Its not as good as 6800 but its much better than 9800 XT for a low price. The AGP version isn't out yet but it will be after a few months.


the BEST nvidia card in terms of technology is the nvidia 6800 Ultra (for games and stuff). The most cost effective is the 6600 GT.

6800 ultra - $500
6600 GT - $200


I heard that ATI has a newer one, I don't know if it is out yet, that is better than the 6800 Ultra for the same price. But I have heard good things about the 6800.


Of the twp cards mentioned, the 6800GT is best by a long, long way. Radeon 9800XT is now the past generation technology, and is outperformed by even the 6600GT card from NVidia.

From ATi, the X800XT is top of the heap, and from NVidia 6800Ultra is top of the heap. Both of those are rather close in performance.

In terms of 'bangs per buck' amongst the new technology, however NVidia has the winners with the 6800GT and the 6600GT. ATis counterparts for those versions offfer considerably less performance.

The upcoming X700XT from ATi should see them competitive in the mid-range segment again perhaps.

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