hi. i am not very experienced with computers and i was thinking about buying a new graphics card. i have done some research and i have read that the Gainward GeForce FX5600 is quite a good buy. i am hoping to play some new games on my computer, eg Doom III, Football Manager 2005, and i think my Geforce 2 will not be able to play them. would anyone recommend the Gainward GeForce FX5600 or another equally good or better card at around £70-80. any help would be appreicated. thanks. dan

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The good price/performance points in gaming cards are represented by the following cards, in order from least powerful to most powerful:

Radeon 9600XT
NVidia FX5900XT
Radeon 9800 Pro (256-bit memory interface only. Ensure it is not a bullshit 128-bit memory interface card)
NVidia 6800 GT (256Mb card only)

(Sorry I can't give price points. I'm located in Australia, and prices I provided would be relevent there only. Shop online and use a suitable price locator site to find the best deals available')

Those cards are the ONLY alternatives which can rightfully be claimed as 'Good Value' purchases. The upcoming NVidia 6600GT and perhaps the ATi X700XT might slot in between the 9800 Pro and the 6800GT, when initial release prices drop back a tiny tad.

Edit: Current price points, in Australian dollars. Do the research for currency conversion and market prices in your local area yourself. Prices based on best prices available in Australia at time of writing:

Radeon 9600XT $220
GeForce FX5900XT $300
Radeon 9800 Pro $380
NVidia 6800GT $680

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i have a NVidia 6800 GT and it owns

My nvidia geforce fx 5200 was new when I bought it (I had a geforce mx 440 before that, which SUCKED) and now my current card sucks as well :(

Goes to show that you'll never have the latest and greatest :)

Video cards ALWAYS suck just after you've purchased them. The price of the unit ALWAYS drops several months after they've been released, and the next, better model is ALWAYS released just after you've bought the latest and greatest available.

But there's another factor that makes it not matter if you're a person who isn't hell-bent on only playing online multiplayer in the latest game out. Games drop in price too, so if you wait until the 'latest' card has becomes yesterday's model and is cheaper, you can get heaps more games to play on it, and do it cheaper!


i have a NVidia 6800 GT and it owns

Oh it owns...and then it owns you...haha


right.. ok then

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