Hey I'm Justin from Australia,

I recently purchased a nVIDIA Geforce 9600 GSO for my AMD 4800, i am now having the same problem that many people have. I have inserted the graphics card into the motherboard and the fan on the graphics card is spinning, once i connect my monitor to the graphics card it comes up on the screen with No Signal, (if i connect it to the plug and play graphics card the monitor works fine). I have tried downloading the drivers for the 9600 but it comes up with a error message.

If anyone has any ideas how to fix this problem it would be greatly appreciated.

Is the one that works itegrated into the motherboard? If so, some require that you disable the onboard video in BIOS.

If you are actually swapping cards, then are they going into the same slot?

Yes it is integrated into the motherboard, okay so i might have to disable it from the BIOS then, thank you.

When i bought the computer there were no graphic cards in the allocated slot, just a integrated one as you said.