I have a Advent computer that is around 3 years old running on XP. Today it completely died.

When I switch the machine on the green power light comes on, as does the orange HD light comes on, and so does the green light on the DVD-RW drive. The fans start up but there is no boot up. The screen remains completely blank and the keyboard has no power neither does the mouse - which is infrared so it lights up as power comes to it.

Yesterday, while i was using it it kept freezing for no apparent reason and as far as I am aware there is not a virius on the computer.

Edit: _ I have further checked the computer the light on the motherboard comes on but it's as if there isn't enough power to boot up the rest of the computer. I have tried unpluging our new DVD-RW drive but it made no difference.

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Hi francipato,
You have requested information from a poster who last used this thread in Jun 20th, 2006.
Please start a new thread and supply information about your machine, OS and the problem and someone will try to assist you. I can not offer you help now with the lack of information.


Try replacing your infrared mouse with an ordinary mouse. Did this solved the problem?

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