I have a question to everyone and sort of asking for an opinion...

Which is better...Intel CPU's or AMD CPU's???

I personally work with AMD CPU because i think they are better, and faster...

I have heard from people (from another country outside USA) that AMD are used in game based PC's and are better for playing games, not working with programs and stuff...

While intel aren't good with games, but more power goes into programs and stuff...

I personally use AMD in all my PC's that i built...which is 5, and all laptops that i buy or recommend people to buy...I'm using AMD CPU and everything works from games to programs to anything needed on the computer...

So what's everyone's personal opinions? is Intel better compared to AMD??? or is AMD better compared to Intel???

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intel for now.

but then again, amd now owns ati, so there could be some pretty sick things coming out of that.



AMD is still playing catch up; around the time they bring out their first 45nm processors, Intel will be launching the 8-core Nehalem, which will pretty much make the question moot.


I don't really have a preference, but I have gone for Intel in the past.

Though AMD processors do have a few things on their Intel counterparts... A better system of Caches is a big one.


i see...ive been recommended AMD to everyone and buying AMD myself...seems to be working very good for me and everyone else...

thanks guys...


It's true that AMD has been playing catch-up the last year or two but, you have to remember, the question of which companies chips are better is based on their top of the line chip. There's a tremendous amount of overlap, especially in the dual core chips.

Intel produces the hands down BEST chips on the market. Their quad core chips are fantastic and put out more processing power than AMDs.

AMD gives you more bang for your buck. For the average consumer looking for a midrange PC or a $100-$200 CPU they'll probably get more out of AMD since the value is better.


Intel has been more stable than AMDs for the most part. And that isn't true for gamers.

A lot of professional gamers you Intel Core 2 Duo.


Many gamers consider the Intel E8400/8500 to be the premier chip for gaming.


I don't know...
The memory latency on the newer AMD processors has been ahead of their Intel counterparts for a few models now, and that definitely helps with gaming...


Admittedly, I'm not a gamer so my opinion should be taken for what it's worth...but I'm thinking that a dual core that can be oc'd to 4.4GHz would make a pretty mean gaming processor.


Intel chips are the best performing chips, especially for gaming, but you have to remember that you'd need to be buying one of the top 5 Intel chips to be at a level you couldn't match with AMD.

According to YouGamers (linked from 3dmakrs homepage) the top ten best value chips, measured by estimated 3dmarks per dollar, are all AMD chips with most of the list following suite.


Intel has better top-end chips, but in the mid range there's not much difference between a $125 Athlon X2 and a $150 core2 duo. If you want to build a really serious gaming rig without much concern for price you'd probably want Intel, but if you're looking at a mid-range system with a $75-200 cpu, you can get the same performance out of either brand if you pick the right chip.

We've been arguing the AMD vs. Intel debate for nearly two decades. No one post on any forum is going to provide a definitive answer. Every couple of years one comes out on top of the other in performance, let's look back a little shal we?
AMD developed widespread 64-bit technology first, but Intel beat them to dual core.
AMD's first dual cores performed better than Intels, and Intels quads perform better than AMDs now.
AMD's opterons performed better than Intels Xeons for a long time.
Intels Core2 series butchered AMDs Turions in laptops, and then even grew to out-perform the Athlon in the desktop market.
It looks like AMD is going to beat intel to the market with integrated CPU/GPU pairs.

They're always going to go back and forth for dominance in perforamance, but when it comes down to it, I don't think AMD will ever surpass Intel in market share, unless Intel goes completely out of business. Anybody who's really qualified to recommend hardware should be able to consider cost, performance, compatibility, upgradeability, warranty, brand, and all the other factors in picking a CPU for an individuals needs.


Ohhh man...

Well this thread has been smashed to pieces with one big swing...

I can't wait to see what AMD/ATI come out with in the future!

But for now, I think i'm going to stick with intel...

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