I don't really know thet much about techie computer stuff so haven't a clue what to do.

It first started when i tried to access my Learn direct course for the first time which required me to download a Authorware Web Player. It downloaded but wouldn't start up then my laptop kept shutting down. It done that a few times then seemed ok until a few days ago, i was getting a black screen when i turned on my computer because windows had suddenly shut down. I did a system restore which seemed to work for a few hours before it started shutting down again.
Then when i started up a black screen was coming up saying there was an error with windows registry or something, and needed to reinstall windows and do a factory reset which i did. It was working ok for a while then the same thing has started happening again!! could it be a virus from the Authorware Web Player? I haven't a clue what to do.

My Laptop has Windows Vista home premium installed.

Have you run a scan with any anti virus/ spyware programs to see if its a possible infection. If there was a problem with windows registry then I am assuming there is some virus infection on your system. Give it a go and see if that ll help.


yes i've just done that but it finds nothing, its just shut down again now though so probably wont get back on it for a while as it keeps shutting down before i have chance to do anything. Thanks

Which scan did you use, as there are a lot of them out there and not every virus, adware, spyware can be detected by a single program ever. You might have to get a couple other scans done to definitely rule out any infection.


i used pc guard which found nothing, i tried to scan with kaspersky online scanner but it shut down as it was scanning. i've posted a hack this log on another forum but had no reply yet