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You might be infected with spyware that's hijacking links, rcrevolution. that link worked fine for me.

Mattres, turn off AGP fast writes, especially in BIOS setup. ATi Radeon 9xxx cards often have problems with the feature. Also try setting AGP to 4x in BIOS. You'll get negligible performance drop, but you'll probably get more stability.

But before you do that, get rid of the PC2700 RAM you have and replace it with PC3200 or better RAM, which is what your system requires. You need 400MHz or better RAM, not 333MHz modules ;)

Edit: Also, if you are using the 4.1 drivers, try downgrading the driver to version 3.9 The 4.1 version has some problems which ATi is working on, and version 4.12 drivers should address those issues. It's due out sometime soon.

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