Hi guys
Ohk this one I havent spent some time on yet but I can tell that this is not gonna be a good one.Ohk problem is a friend of mine has a Gigabyte mobo and is experiencing a the following when starting his machine
Scanning BIOS image in Hard Drive
BIOS AUTO Recovering..................................................etc,etc etc

It just continue to search the drive but comes up with no luck.Scanned the drive for any suspicion ,no luck.Will try another Hard drive next but I doubt it will work. Is my friend screwed.what can I do next
Thanks in advance Buddies

Ohk so I insert the new disk and it gives me the following massage:
Scanning BIOS image in Hard Drive
Can not FIND BIOS Image in Hard Drive or Diskette!
can it be a faulty hard drive?My friend did scan the HD and the hard drive slaved just fine wit hno suspicion.Ill scann it later and update you guys

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