Hey guys, i am not really a computer pro so i dont much about it >_<

if you can take a few seconds read over this and help I'll be really appreciated!

the problems is

when i start my computer, the lights on motherboard lights up and we can hear the fans running

after 10-30 seconds, the whole thing shuts down with nothing running at all

the monitor did not turn on at all during the 30 seconds, and nothing seemed to work except the fans

I have already check the power supply by using another power cord, so we know it is probably not the power supply's problem

i was thinking it might be motherboard's bad or the CPU is bad, or maybe the temperature sensor is the problem? [heard this from a friend]

so thaz the story, my desktop computer is not working!!
I have a KD7/KD7-RAID Abit motherboard

Try a few simple thing here, one unplug the drives "all" power side, and any other cards like modem, vidieo card and see if it reacts the same, if it does it may be power supply, pick up one at a computer supply store and plug it in (if it's not it you can return them:) ) One other thing befor you try a power supply pop out the memory (carefully) and see what happend. This way for the most part you have ruled out 90% of the other parts of the computer, if you do see the computer stay on reconnect on part at a time intilll you find the bad one that draggs it down.

o by that i meant... i used another[my dad's] power supply, not just the power cord to test it out

but still failed!

OK got ya give the rest of above a try and see what happens, just be carefull with the memory, handle on the edges to preevent static to the chip, and touch the frame to discharge you for 10 seconds to get rid of static

i tried that just now, but it seemed the problem lays in when i start the computer, it USED to make various pitchs of sound (from low to high)--> indicating that it is trying to start, then followed by a beep sound and monitor came to life

but now it does not make that "various pitchs of sound" and there is never a beeping sound

I say a dead mobo.

The sounds you usualy hear are HD(s) CD(s) and fans. If the HD(s) are not spinning, that is a good sign that the mobo (IDE controller to be precise) has gone. If the HD(s) died, you would get alot more than just a shutdown. All those things that make sounds are plugged in the mobo, and dead mobo can simply NOT turn on any of them.

hmmm, bad mbo? if it was an ide controller the comptuer would deff post.
(computers dont need drives to function)

check your mbo and look for bulging or leaky capacitors.
http://news.com.com/2300-1041-5940552.html (example)

edit: is there alot of dust in the computer? if there is try buying some canned air and spraying it out

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