Well, I finally got all the pieces so that I can build my own pc kit. Here are the pieces I have:
G-Force 6800GT (gpu)
AMD 64 3200+ Athlon 939
Zalman Ultra cou cooler fan
ASUS A8v Deluxe MOBO
Maxtor diamondmax 200gig S.ATA
Kingston AK2/1gb ddr400 (installed in the blue slots - A1&B1)
Ultra xconndect 500w psu
BTC dvd+- r/rw/cd-r rw writer
Antec Lanboy case

Okay, the problem:
The monitor (cmv 19" flat screen) says that it gets no signal. I know the monitor and it's cable work because I just unplugged them from my old pc (we have more pc.s than mammals in our house). I can see that the fan on the gpu is spinning. The connections all seem tight. I just tried the MoBo from my other pc - still no signal. Any suggestions on what to check or do??


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Well, I just plugged in my speakers (there was no speaker on the box) and this lady keeps saying "system failed cpu test" This does not bode well! That zalman cpu cooler weighs in at almost 1kilo - Ihope it is not necessary to take it off. Any suggestions on what I should try before packing the cpu off?


No one seems to be reading this thread but here is what I found:

I just got off the line with the tech: I have the mobo with bios 1008 and there are 2 versions of the cpu one requires bios 1008 and one requires bios 1009. Guess which one he thinks I have. Their bios guy is going to send me the bios chip (it is supposed to be easily swapped) and I will send them my old one back. My attention span/short term memory is bad but I think he said the a64 3200+ 939 (mod cg) requires the 1009 bios. When I can get ahold of some pure solvent to clean off the thermal compound, I will look at the cpu and report back (there may be others who hit this same wall)


Hi GrimJack. That technician is pulling your leg. To change from BIOS version 1008 to BIOS version 1009 you need only download the BIOS update file from the motherboard manufacturer website, and use the recommended software tool to 'Flash' the BIOS.

BIOS flashing is conducted by overwriting the information on the BIOS chip with new code ;)

True but if the error is "system failed cpu test" you can't get there from here. It is 2 weeks later and the "2nd day air" delivery still hasn't shown up and the tech that answered the phone this time was no help so I am giving up on ASUS and will go back to ABIT (this pc is an ABIT ah6 with a celeron2 300 mh oc-ed to 450 - been running strong since '98). I can't believe I wasted 3 weeks of my life on this piece of crap. Gotta change my .sig

Sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.

Not up and running yet!
AMD a64 3200+ 939
ASUS A8V Deluxe rev. 2.00 (bios v.1008)
Kingston pc3200 ak2/1g
G-force 6800/256meg AGP
Zalman quiet cpu cooler
Ultra superquiet xconnect psu
Antec lanboy tower
BTC dvd +-RW
160 gig SATA hd

Sorry I did not close this - the needed chip arrived and all is good

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