My PC is having problems...and by that I mean it crashed and wont turn back on (dead). gives off the burning smell when you take off the case. I tried taking everything off the Motherboard (even the CPU), and just plugging in the Power Supply to it, and a single fan to see if it's running.

the power cuts out after 5 seconds, regardless of which PSU I use. I have a few around the house, and I actually went out and grabbed one to make sure. I hooked everything up to another MB...including the PSU, and it runs (but I cant do anything with it cuz it's not set up correctly to look on screen or anything)

I'm trying to figure out how easily I can just replace the MB and CPU...or if I need to build a whole new computer right now.

Current Specs (as well as I know them):
E-Machines T3256
Windows XP Home
160 GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive
512 MB AGP X1600 Pro
400W PSU
1GB DDR SDRAM (upgraded from 512)
AMD Athlon XP 3200+
Unknown motherboard (integrated GeForce4 MX)

I bought retail, so I dont have a disk for XP home...though I do have a copy of XP Pro

I wanted to replace with:

Would that work?
part of what I'm worried about is switching from AMD to intel.
I'm also worried about spending 250+ on a new MB and CPU and that not being the problem
lastly, did you have any problems with your HDD from switching out everything? I'd like to keep the data on it if at all possible.

Generally manufacturers have a proprietary connection for the motherboard to the power button, front usbs, reset button, etc. If you aren't going to get a factory replacement you'll probably need to get a case as well as the new motherboard.

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